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Central Bhutan is blessed with abundant natural beauty. Pristine swathes of alpine and sub-tropical forests full of spectacular flora and fauna stretch for miles. The Thrumshingla National Park, a haven for endangered birds, is located here. Some of the winged denizens of this forest are the Rufous necked hornbill, Rufous-throated wren-babbler, Satyr Tragopan, Nuthatch, Ward’s trogon and Chestnut-breasted partridge. The jungles are also home to the Bengal Tiger, Red Panda and other wildlife. Adding to the attractions is the fact that this region is home to several of Bhutan's oldest and most significant temples and monasteries. Spectacular festivals scheduled all year celebrate ancient and local traditions and there are dozens of great day hikes throughout the region.


As you drive across the black mountains that separate western and central Bhutan, you enter a part of the country that until the 1970s could only be reached by foot or on mules. Trongsa is the ancestral home of the royal family and has always...

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