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A land of many cultures, Uttar Pradesh is religious significant to Hindus, Jains, Buddhists, and Muslims. The state takes pride in its illustrious history that talks about the legends of Gods, valour of rulers, and the tenacity of devotees.

In this far-and-wide state, there are differentiating experiences that await travellers: the monuments that leave you stupefied; the holy rivers that make you contemplate life; and the fairs and festivals that epitomise deeply-rooted heritage. There is never a dull moment in this colourful state and you can feel its pulse every time you visit. The land and its people are all-accepting and welcoming, yet a trifle traditional.

The culinary landscape in the state is just as wide-ranging. In the holy cities of Mathura and Varanasi, a vegetarian fare dominates, but Lucknow is a meat lover’s paradise. Peda in Mathura, kebab in Lucknow, kachori in Varanasi, and petha in Agra can make anyone salivate. And then there are the colours of its folk dance, music, and art and crafts that add to...

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