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Geographically, the name Western Hills is a bit of a misnomer as this region is actually located right in the heart of Nepal and is west only to Kathmandu. However, leaving aside geographical nitty-gritties and the question of where the creator placed them, let us just tell you that the Western Hills region is a mecca of sorts for trekking enthusiasts, especially its far-western and the mid-western regions. Nestled against the backdrop of some of the most beautiful yet accessible Himalayan peaks, the Western Hills offer many a panoramic sight. Terraced farming fields carved out of mountain faces, roaring gorges and perilously perched hill-top villages are all part and parcel of the topography of the Western Hills. The phrase, ‘living off the land’ seems to take new meaning as you visit the prosperous pastoral communities living in the villages of the Western Hills.

It is also one of the most densely populated hill regions in Nepal.

The Margar and Gurung communities are predominant and some of the villages seem...

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