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Sri Lanka is perhaps at its urban best on the west coast. Pulsating with life, the west coast has a much westernised character than the other regions of the Teardrop Island. Home to some of the most famous coastal resorts, the highly developed western coast is undoubtedly full of life. The thriving capital city of Colombo is also located down the west coast and while it may not reflect the signature picturesque charm of Sri Lanka, it is definitely one of the best places to feel the local pulse.

To the north of Colombo, lie the sprawling beach resorts of Negombo – the wide stretches of sands and the bustling resorts make it a prominent hub of nightlife. The airport is just 10 km from Negombo.

Move further up the coast to reach the panoramic Kalpitiya Peninsula, well known for its spectacular marine life and scenery. The diverse terrain comprises saltpans, huge sand dune beaches, bar reefs, flat coastal plains, mangrove swamps and salt marshes. Here, you will Sperm Whales, maybe the elusive Blue Whale, hundreds of...

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