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Anindita Chakraborty

Initiated in November 2005, Project Armaan is a joint collaboration of Le Passage to India (LPTI) and Chintan Environmental Research and Action Group (a Non-profit organization), through its No Child in Trash program. The focus of this project is to help children of waste pickers to move away from dumpsites to school in Nizamuddin Basti, a predominantly Muslim settlement in South Delhi. 

When I joined Chintan last summer after working in formal school for 5 years I had an opportunity to interact with these young children for the first time I was surprised to find them to be very bright. They were full of enthusiasm and had an eagerness to learn and do well in school. Being in teaching profession, I could well understand their potential and limitations. I really wanted to provide them with best of recourses and could not have asked for a better donor than Shaping Lives Foundation, which adds a lot of value to the initiative by...

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